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Chronic illness is trauma. It is complex and sometimes life-threatening and it interrupts the continuity of our lives. Trauma and chronic illness both have lasting impacts on our sense of identity, our relationships, our careers, and our goals and quality of life. Click for more.

Complex and repetitive trauma is insidious and hard to recognize, because there is no one moment to point to but there are still all the signs of trauma. Emotional abuse and neglect especially fall into this category; where you can’t see the scars but the pain is so intensely present and overwhelming that it can seep into every aspect of your life. Click for more.

Self Support- One goal of Gestalt therapy is to develop self-support, which is the ability to be self-reliant and to recognize and work towards meeting our needs in relation to our environment and the other supports in our lives. Another goal is working towards every increasing integration; the way in which we work with different aspects of ourselves and our experiences – past, present, and future – to create deeper awareness and develop a greater sense of wholeness and satisfaction in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life. Our sense of wellbeing increases as we develop greater awareness of all aspects of our self and can begin to feel more competent and capable of dealing with whatever challenges life may throw at us.

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Therapy cannot cure a physical illness, but it can help you to discover the many obstacles to wellbeing that may be in your way and it can help you to develop simple confidence of knowing that you can handle your experience, your life, no matter what. Insight helps us to develop a deeper understanding of the longstanding, sometimes dysfunctional, patterns that may interfere with our recovery, and the internal and external resources available to us in any given moment that we can access and use to support ourselves through the trauma of chronic illness. You may not have a way out of your feeling sick, but you can begin to trust in yourself that the world’s not going to end and you will make it through that minute, that hour, that day and still find meaningful and fulfilling ways to live your life and be a part of this world.