Well-Being has become a catch-all phrase for the ideal way we are supposed to feel to be happy and have peace and satisfaction in our lives. It’s a nice idea, but this falls short when you’re feeling sick, tired, and lost. When your relationship just fell apart, a loved one has died, you got seriously injured, or you just got diagnosed with a chronic illness and your entire life has to change. When you don’t know if you’ll ever feel well again or get back to the same quality of life and relationship you’re used to.

How do you hold onto Well-Being when your everyday reality provides you a set of unpredictable struggles and pains – physical, emotional, and mental – and you are left thinking “Can I even make it through today?”

Integrative Wellbeing is a practice that redefines what “well-being” means. There is no specific way that we are supposed to feel, because for those with chronic or unexpected illness, complex and acute trauma, childhood abuse, and other chronic pain and suffering this is just the way we are.

A new perspective and definition of “well-being” is essential in creating a path towards a life that includes stability, self-determination, strength, purpose, and a lasting recovery.

We all deserve to feel good for who we are and to get the support and tools necessary to live a meaningful, purposeful and healthful life.

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